Google to enter the smart clothing, conductive fiber stocks Wind


Google to enter the smart clothing, conductive fiber stocks Wind
Wearing clothes with a touch of a finger you can switch the lamp, which will come true in 2016. Recently, Google released annual developer conference, "Jacquard Plan" and the clothing brand Levi's (Levi's) co-developed with smart touch remote control wire fiber clothing, is expected to be available in autumn next year.
Healthcare is an important application field
"Jacquard plan" is the electronic component "weaving" to the conductive fibers, button-sized circuit board connection, the fabric "change" as a touch screen, the user's finger can slide on the fabric to control the vicinity of the electron equipment. It can be used in smart watches and smart glasses interactive technology directly into textiles, the Japanese company created by a conductive fiber, almost no loom to make any changes, can be applied to any type of textiles.
Smart clothing is intelligent technology integration of high-tech products and clothing, which combines electronics and information technology, sensor technology, materials science and other textile science and cutting-edge technology related fields.
Conductive fiber or into the next outlet
The world's leading information technology consulting firm Gartner opinion, most wearable device just to wear, its carrying capacity is better "to wear" of intelligent clothing.

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