The proportion of high-end automation of textile machinery increasingly heavy


The proportion of high-end automation of textile machinery increasingly heavy
In recent years, as China's textile industry to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, product structure textile market has undergone tremendous changes, fewer and fewer traditional sales proportion of textile machinery and equipment, automation, continuous, high-speed, intelligent substantial growth of textile machinery and high-capacity equipment sales.

Trend in the first half of this year, the textile industry in the doldrums, is not optimistic about the second half, however, with respect to the textile industry in the doldrums, potential mechanical equipment demand is still there, which is mainly manifested in the demand for high-end textile machinery.

Experts predict that by 2017 the total global textile machinery market will reach $ 22.9 billion, the proportion is expected to invest in Asia's largest textile manufacturers of new equipment. Statistics show that in May, 90% of global exports of new spinning machines, non-woven fabrics and flat knitting enter Asia, particularly into China. There is no doubt that Asia is still the world textile and clothing manufacturing center. Faced with China's vast market, the world-famous textile machinery manufacturers have set up plants in China, the implementation of the localization of production and services.
China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong, the Secretary-General pointed out that, while changes in demand for these devices reflects the product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading in the direction of China's textile industry, textile industry, on the other hand is currently trapped in labor costs, raw material costs rise inevitable choice. Textile enterprises to use high-speed, intelligent and high-capacity textile equipment can reduce labor, improve efficiency; at the same time, given the current status of the global shortage of raw materials such as cotton, should make full use of fiber, increase the added value of products must be on high-end equipment . The next 5 to 10 years, this trend will become more apparent demand.

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