Indonesian Textile Import And Export Development Lag


Indonesian textile import and export development lag

According to Indonesia "business daily reported recently, due to the slow economic development, is expected to Indonesia's textiles and clothing imports fell by 25% this year, only $6 billion. At the same time, the Indonesian textile exports stagnate, is expected to be flat compared with last year to $12 billion.

Although the surplus of textiles is expected to be $6 billion, bigger than last year's $4 billion surplus. But because has not concluded with a leading exporter trade arrangements, export stagnation. Indonesia's textile products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, since there is no free trade agreement with Europe and the United States, import duties of about 11% to 11%, compared with Europe and the United States signed free-trade agreement after Vietnam, import taxes, only 0.5% of similar goods. Europe and the United States and Indonesia industry forecasts, such as trade arrangement can improve the export 300%, or even four times.

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